Woohoo, friday already.

Yah, friday comes quick when you start your week on wednesday. Still, it didn't come soon enough. Work has been way busy this week…. lots of highly annoying problems, and until about 3 hours ago, it seemed as though the phones never stopped ringing. Not cool.

I got the new and improved MythTV box working last night for the most part, and it's really cool to finally be able to use it on a TV, like it was designed to do. I still have to get the little remote control working and a few other things I haven't thought of yet, but the record/playback functionality works well. It's pretty tough to tell wether you're looking at the real TV signal or the regurgitated mpeg2 stream that Myth makes. I guess that's how it's suppsed to be though, so good job Myth folks!

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