Yes, I should really stop taking naps on the couch…

Yes, the time is right, it's damn near 4am, and I'm still awake thanks to a nap on the couch. Yes, I do have to work tomorrow, and yes, I may just pull an all nighter and sleep when I get home. It's been done before. I did that for a month or so my 4th year at MSU… got all turned around by some programming projects, and then just kept it going. Stayed up all night doing homework or reading or whatever, then went to class, then slept the afternoons away, and woke up sometime in the late afternoon-early evening. Worked pretty well actually. I don't want to start it up again though… it would probably lead to less of a social life than I already have!

I got a random stroke of ambition over the past couple days and decided to make my XMMS logger plugin work properly by logging ID3 tags instead of whatever is displayed in the playlist window. It took some work, but with some help from Ben I prevailed. There were some hurdles (my total rustyness with C being the largest), but it the thing finally seems to be working right. Chalk up another victory in the move away from Windows! I don't think I'll ever ditch Windows as long as I still play games, but the number of things I do in Windows that can't be done in linux is getting pretty small. Playing games, syncing my cellphone, and… hmmm… I'm sure there are more, but I can't remember now. It's late.

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