Yesterday started out being pretty boring and lazy, which is pretty much what i wanted since I hadn't got jack for sleep the whole week. I slept in pretty late, and then started cleaning some stuff up around the apartment that needed to be taken care of. I got the common areas all vaccuumed and tidied, and had started cleaning my room when Joe's girlfriend Shauna came in and asked if I would drop her off at the Listening Ear, where both she and Joe volunteer. Apparently Joe was already there responding to a bit of a crisis. She said that the fire alarm was going off, and wanted to head over to check things out. Well, we got there and it seemed a bit worse. Joe and the girl that was on duty (who happened to be quite attractive) were carrying stuff out into the parking lot. We peeked inside, and there was water everywhere. Apparently there was a burst water pipe or something a couple floors up, and water was streaming in everywhere. The whole operation would have been screwed if hadn't started moving stuff out, so Shauna and I joined Joe and the other girl in carring stuff out. We got all of the vital electronic stuff out first, and then went on to the files and other paper stuff. More people started showing up to help which was good because the water started flowing in faster and faster as time went on. Ceiling tiles were falling in under the weight of the water, and everybody was totally soaked. Joe said that we got pretty much everything important out of the place, and it's a good thing too, because that building is totally messed up. There was around 2-3 inches of standing water throughout the whole office, and pretty much every surface was wet, not to mention everybody who was helping. Crazy stuff. There's going to be a lot of rebuilding at that place… good thing that the Ear has already found a temporary home, because their office is going to be out of commission for a while. Lots of water damage.

They'll be in need of support. Consider it your civic duty to help those that selflessy help others in need. Donate a few bucks to help them get back on their feet. Go here to donate.

Joe's putting together a gallery showing the flood damage. Check it out here.

Edit: I've been forever (maybe?) immortalized in Listening Ear lore! Check it out here.

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