Fast Times at Liquid Web Inc.

Wow. For whatever reason, the past couple of days at work have absolutely flown by. Perhaps it's because the team has been a little light due to illness, and on top of that Joe has been busy trying to get the Listening Ear back on its feet after the catastrophe that struck this past weekend. Maybe the lack of staff has kept me busier, which leads to faster days… who knows. Whatever it is, 4PM has seemed to come really early the past two days, and I can't complain.

Speaking of Joe, he was the big celebrity both on TV and in the paper detailing what happened over the weekend. I was able to grab the news cast he was on with MythTV, so I've got a nice mpeg2 video of it if he wants to save it as his 15 minutes of fame, or put it on the Ear homepage. Gotta love technology.

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