I shall curse your name!

Well, only if you're name is Steven Collins or Joe Doss, because one of you guys got me sick by being sick at work. Actually, I probably won't curse you at all, since you're both cool, and didn't really mean to get me sick. So I take it back. Curses have been withdrawn. I'm not really all that sick either – just a head cold. The rest of my body feels fine and hopefully it'll stay that way. The tag-team of NyQuil and Day-Quil seems to be keeping a lot of the symptoms at bay, but my head is still congested as hell.

Work has been pretty slow over the past couple days due to the holidays, but we're cooking on new orders. Some of the guys have been using a live chat thing on our website to drum up new business, which is cool. It also means that we all have to use this thing, which sucks. Just another thing to add to the “you must pay attention to this at all times” list. Lame. We've got enough other stuff to occupy our time without having to answer 1000 questions about what version of Windows we offer on our servers (correct answer = NONE) or why their Front Page extensions don't work…. [/rant]

Speaking of the holidays…. from all of us here at mike.neir.org — er, wait, it's just me, and my imaginary friend Gus — have a Merry Christmas. May your time with family be well spent.

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