Back to work

After a short yet enjoyable break for Christmas, it's back to work. I'm tired as hell, and I'm still feeling crappy. I haven't got a good nights sleep in a long time, and combined with the sickness, I'm feeling pretty ragged. I'm skipping out on a holiday party I would otherwise love to go to in the pursuit of a good nights sleep. I need the rest. I worked 6-midnight last night, and was here at 8am this morning, so I didn't get crap for sleep. I'll probably pass out on my bed when I get home, which wouldn't be good for my plan of a good nights sleep.

Christmas treated me pretty well. My mom got my dad and I our own digital cameras, which rocks. I've been wanting one for a long time, but never got the impulse to buy one. Well, I have one now, and I'm sure that many captured images will find their way onto the site. [Ahem, look right… Joe caught me off guard while at work last night.] I also got a few DVDs, a DVD/VHS/CD shelf for the living room (needed one of those!), a few choice clothing items, and the usual stocking stuffers. [I'm probably forgetting something, I'll edit if I remember something.] The xmas dinner had to be cut short for me since I had to be at work at 6, but I have a plate of leftovers, so it's all good!

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