Happy New Year!!

I just got back from a three day swing down along with Jonny T to Andre's place in Indinapolis celebrating the new year, and his new house. The new years festivities were a lot of fun. There were quite a few people there, and the guy to girl ratio was actually quite excellent… I think there actually may have been more gals there than guys! Way to go Andre! Many games of darts and pool were had by all while waiting for the ball to drop. It was a lot of fun. Most of the people hung out until after the ball dropped, but after that, the crowd fizzled quickly. After the non-phil crowd left, we chilled out and watched a movie and caught up some. It was rad.

The next day was pretty relaxed. We all bummed around Dre's place running after Leo (Guy and Ana's 1 year old boy) and keeping him occupied. He's a handful! He very much seems to like going back behind entertainment centers and pulling on wires… something that will probably get him in trouble some day. After we were all sufficiently hungry, we decided to head into Indy and grab some food at Hooters. Ana had never been there and wanted to go for some reason, and I had absolutely no aversion to watching football on the big screen with scantily clad waitresses and chicken wings abound. After we had sufficiently gorged both our stomachs and eyes we headed back to Andre's place. We had originally made some tenative plans to hang out with some of Andre's lady friends and head to a karaoke establishment for some beers and songs, but that feel through. Such a shame. Andre's lady friend Susan was quite the doll… 😉 Well, I'm sure she still is… anyway, I digress. We just ended up watching football and a couple of movies on Andre's couch, and then calling it a night.

Today was really laid back… we just lounged about and played GTA3 on the PS2. Seems that I have a knack for beating up cops and stealing their guns in that game. I guess we all left around 4pm, and Jon and I got back to Lansing around 8pm if I remember right.

Photos are up in the photo gallery… go digital camera!

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