It’s been a while…

No, that is not in reference to the crappy Staind song. I hate that song. It should go away. So should band names that try to be cool by leaving vowels out of their name. Hmm… that sounded rather rant-ish… I'm not really ranting about anything… The past week or so has been pretty average, except for one thing, which I'll explain later. We've been cranking on dedicated servers at work, which is pretty sweet. The dedicated racks are starting to seem like a solid wall! I got to build up a dual Xeon system the other day. I felt kinda stupid for a while – I actually had to read the directions that came with the processors to figure out how they were assembled… the heatsink/cooling fan system for a P4 has like, 15 freakin parts, and it wasn't readily apparent how they went together just by looking at them. I got them going though. Other than the big dedicated push, work has been pretty average – lots of average questions regarding email, email, and … ummm… email. Thankfully there haven't been any Front Page screwups lately because they suck. (/me knocks on wood)

I alluded to something not being 'average' earlier… it has to do with the illustrious, but I'm not really going to go into detail about it to protect all parties involved… Not from personal injury or anything, it just doesn't need to be spread all around the place. I will say that the not-averageness of the situation is quite intriguing, and is almost like reading a good book or watching a good movie – I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see what becomes of it. Perhaps I'll be less cryptic later on, and perhaps I won't!

I'm thinking about starting a 'Pic of the week/month/year/millenium/moment' section on the site since I got the digicam, but right now I seem to be quite lazy about coding stuff and I'll probably just make a section in the photo gallery for now. I may choose to integrate it into the rest of the site eventually. I've got a few pics to upload. Perhaps being vigilant and looking for imagery will bring some more color to the boring grayscale that has been my life for the past few months. We'll see I suppose!

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