One more freakin day….

Yah title, you said it… one more day of the cursed midnight shift then it's back to sweet normalcy for another 6 weeks. I guess the one good thing about my schedule is that I go to sleep when I get home, so there is plenty of time after I wake up before I go to work, so no alarm clock! Oh how I hate alarm clocks. This round of midnights has been especially boring… I'm literally playing a few hours of video games a night just to keep myself occupied. Help desk tickets have been rather slow, and phones have been dead, so there's not much going on for me.

I'm still rocking out to the Glorious Burden with a fury… this album rocks. I've listened to it quite a lot now, which is close to the “shit load of listens” that I like to have under my belt before I review an album. I'll probably post the review tonight, since all I'll be doing is playing Command and Conquer if tonight follows the same pattern as the last 6 nights.

I've been trying to post new random pics in the gallery ever couple of days or so, so check 'em out. Who am I kidding, they're boring, and so is my life. Who out there is willing to help bring some color to my existence?

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