Cool Weekend

For the most part, this weekend has been pretty sweet. Friday blew for some reason… It was just Joe and I from 8am-noon, and it was quite busy, which is very atypical for a friday. It seemed like we were on the phone pretty much the whole time until Phil got in at noon. That sucked. Friday night was a blast… Chris, Jon, Darin, and Andre came up for a night on the town, and we were in rare form. Everyone got up here kinda late due to all the snow, but we were fired up and took no prisoners. We each had 3 or 4 beers at my place before we hit Crunchys, and we killed a bucket and a half in the time we were there. We were quite the assholes on the way back, leaving a swath of destruction in our path as we walked over to Jimmy Johns/Dominos, and then back to my place. We all got totally ripped, and it was a great time. I took a shitload (over 200) of pictures on the digicam, and they'll be up once I have the time to make captions for all of them.

There were the inevitable hangovers felt on saturday, especially by Chris. We had to peel him off the floor when Darin said it was time to head out. Everybody had shipped out by 1pm or so, so I just lounged around, not doing a damn thing. Lounging turned into an extended nap which was great since my head still wasn't right. I woke up from that around 7, and continued my very Peter Gibbons-esque streak of doing nothing and loving it. I think I watched a couple more of the Family Guy DVDs, and was giggling my ass off the whole time.

Today has been a little productive… I started work on my backend administration system for the website, which is about a year overdue. Oh well, I never had a problem using phpmyadmin, but since I updated the category system, I need to update two tables instead of just one for each new content entry, and that's too tedious. Hence the admin system. It's nothing you can or should see, so don't look! This post is the first created by Mike Neir's Sweet Admin System V1.0. Woohoo!

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