Damnit, I did it again…

Yup, fell asleep on the couch watching Family Guy again. I was supposed to do laundry tonight, but alas, it doesn't look like that was meant to be. Instead I slept, and then rummaged all over my room looking for a piece of paper with the PID for my Student Loan account with Uncle Sam, only to later find out that the information was saved in the form on my computer, rendering my 45 minutes of searching and frustration completely unnecessary. Fun.

For anybody that is cool and even for those that are not, there are two sweet concerts rolling around Southeast Michigan way in the coming months, and yours truely will definitely be there sacrificing my hearing up on the altair of sweet music in order to see them. Dream Theater is playing the State Theater in Detroit on March 22 and Iced Earth is playing Harpos on April 24. Dream Theater is touring by themselves and playing a two-set show with an intermission, so that should be crazy sweet. Not too many bands can play for that long, but they definitely can. I may be more pumped about the Iced Earth Show though… I've only seen them briefly in a live setting, at one of the Megadeth shows I caught in 2001 before Megadeth broke up. That's what got me interested in them, and it's all downhill from there… 😉 It should be sweet to see them, and even cooler since they're headlining. I can't wait.

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