Today sucks.

I dunno. I just had a bad day. Work was busy, with lots of stupid problems and frustrations. Only good thing that happened there is that I think I came up with a way to protect our servers from receiving the newest email virus plague, the MyDoom virus or whatever it's called. Apparently the authors only programmed three unique message bodies for the emails that the virus replicates itself with, so it's pretty easy to block. I set up a filter in between all of the bullshit, and I think that it's getting the job done. Other than that, today at work sucked.

Then there's the freakin snow. The sky belched snow today like it was getting paid to do it, and made driving miserable both to and from work. I really hate snow. There's pictures in the random gallery to prove it.

I did some laundry when I got home because I had to use the “in case of emergency, break open glass” boxers today. Laundry in itself isn't that bad, except when the dryer eats four quarters that you had to scrounge around the apartment for and doesn't even warm up your damn clothes, let alone dry them. It's not the first time it's happened either.

Then there's the ever-present reminder that I'm essentially a hermit and have no life other than work. I hardly go out and have practically no friends here other than people I know at work. And also, which seems to weigh on me most, I have no girlfriend, and there isn't even the remote prospect of one. That's always fun. The really fun thing is that I don't do a damn thing about it. That's fun like getting kicked in the head while you have a four-alarm hangover.

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