Gaim goodness!

Wow… work has sucked the past few days… it's been really busy the past few days, and it's been stressing me out pretty good. Yesterday I was the only person there until like 11:30 or so, which is definitely a pain in my ass… everybody seemed to have a legitimate reason for not being there, but shit. Other than that, it's just been really busy… lots of calls, lots of stupid live chats, lots of help desk tickets. It always seems like the combination of the three always seems to prevent any kind of consistent work. Every time I get started with something, the phone rings or a live chat appears and I get totally interrupted. It never fails. Oh well.

I also got the MySQL Gaim plugin all upgraded last night too, finally. It took an hour or two to dig through the very small amount of perl interface documentation that the Gaim developers provide and some source code for the perl interface. Once I got the interface made, converting the old code to the new interface was pretty easy. Just a lot of copying in pasting. It works pretty sweet, just like the old one. I'll probably post the interface sometime in the future… It took me a while to figure it out, so hopefully it'll help someone else.

After my programming victory, I went out with Joe and Shauna to Arts in Lansing. Joe got pretty tanked, and so did I. It was a pretty fun time, minus this morning's hangover. It was a good time. Pics in the Gallery.

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