Yet another booze filled weekend

Yup, plenty of beer this weekend. Friday night I went out with Joe and his buddy Andy… We started off wanting to go to Ricks, but we ended up diverting to Beggars once we saw the huge line outside of Ricks. We each had a few beers there, and then we made our way to Ricks. I now remember why I really don't like that place… it's just a meathouse, where you go to pick up the 'meal' for this evening. Not my kind of place. Shauna came to pick us up to go to some other place, but once Joe found out who was going to be at said other place, we ditched that idea and went over to The Dollar instead. That place sucks too. I had never been there before, and I probably won't go back. Just give me a beer and a place to sit, and I'm cool. Those places had none of the latter.

Last night was part two of Chris's sendoff before he ships out to Japan for a year. His brother hosted a gathering at his place, and most of the crew plus some cousins made it out. It was a lot of fun, with great eats and plenty of Beirut action. Tom had taken a lot of camera footage in South Africa when/where Chris was married, so we spent a lot of time watching that as well. The scenery in those videos Tom took was incredible. Scenes reminiscent of the large panoramic views in the Lord of the Rings movies… beautiful landscape. I couldn't imagine waking up every morning and having views like I was seeing. Anyways… after a while, a couple of Chris's cousins and a friend they brought wanted to head out to a bar, so the remaining folk journeyed out and about until we found a place. We walked in at like 1:30 and we pretty much instantly had a round of Jager shots in our hands. All in all, we had like 4 rounds of shots and a beer in roughly 45 minutes at that place… bad news all in all. Chris was absolutely obliterated… probably the most drunk I've ever seen him. He ended up paying for it, and evidently he spent the night praying to the porcelain. Not good. Combine that with Jon's multiple Buick sales earlier in the evening, and you get a not happy night for Tom's main-level bathroom.

Today I just slept a lot. I've been pretty much hammered for the past three nights in a row, so today was my day to catch up. I slept in until around 1pm today, and then slept on the couch for another hour or so during the afternoon. Mom and Dad made a great Prime Rib for dinner, and it was most excellent. Home cooked meals rock, and so do home cooked meal leftovers! 🙂

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