SMTP authentication in the house!

Hmm… work has been quite busy the past few days… It's definitely becoming a trend. We're getting a lot of new customers as of late, and it seems as though the support load has gone up a lot. Combine that with the addition of live chat to our duties, it makes for a recipe of not being able to get a lot done. I actually had a somewhat productive day thinking-wise… I spent a couple hours trying to help a guy integrate procmail into his mailing system so that he could have more control over the way his mail is delivered. Smart guy. I love helping people who are smart and are willing to get their hands dirty to get something working that will aid them greatly in the future. I am much less likely to enjoy helping someone that is like “It's not working how I want it to work, fix it.” When it's working as intended, there's nothing to fix, only their expectations. Oh well.

I also spent some time today getting SMTP authentication working in postfix on my mail server instead of just using IP based authentication. That basically means that I can authenticate and send mail through my mail server without having to log in through a shell and give myself explicit permission to send through my server each time I go somewhere else. Cool stuff. There were a couple posts in the Gentoo forums that helped, but the pimp daddy was here. I spent an few hours pulling my hair out, but it seems to be working now. Everything seemed to work much better after I removed the smtpd.conf file from the /var/lib/sasl2 directory… One of the Gentoo forum howtos told me to put it there, but the howto I linked above didn't mention it. So I tried deleting it, and stuff started working. Yay!

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