Mike vs. Responsibility… MIKE WINS – FATALITY

Yah, that was yesterday. I passed out on the couch friday night really early… probably around 9:30, after some dinner and a few beers with Joe Doss, so my ass was up really early yesterday morning. I woke up first at about 5:30, but was like “hell no!” and went back to sleep until 8:30 or so. I had planned on being responsible and getting some stuff done like laundry and grocery shopping, but Joe stayed at his parents place after his night shift, so I went all out. I ended up cleaning my room and the rest of the apartment, vacuuming the whole place, cleaning up the kitchen, doing my laundry, bought groceries, and got a soldering iron. I needed the soldering iron to fix my computer subwoofer and pedalboard. The subwoofer had cracked solder leads on the signal plugs, so when the sub was hitting hard the right speaker would just cut out due to the poor connection. So I fixed that. One of the power cables on the pedal board needed some work because I kicked it one night after coming back from the bar, and I busted one of the plugs, which needed to be replaced. Pretty easy once I had the tools. All in all, a very productive day.

Once I was done being mister fix-it, I set down to converting my workstation over to fluxbox like I'd done on my laptop. I guess it's a testament to what a Linux dork I've become… I'm totally gravitating to the minimalist kind of interfaces. Kinda funny, because about a year ago I was still Mr. Windows with a few linux servers for file and web serving, but now I'm Mr. Linux with one dedicated Windows box and Windows install on my laptop that I only really use for games. Kinda funny. I've been getting quite a few people looking at my resume searching for people with experience with some of the Compuware products listed there and MS SQL server, and I've even got a couple people asking if I'd be interested in jobs in those areas. They'd probably pay better, but I'm really not interested in touching that stuff anymore. Viva la Linux!

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