Yet another monday…

Yes, mondays suck, no doubt about it. They tend to give you that nasty “damnit it's 7:15 am and my alarm clock is going off, I don't want to go to work today” feeling, which is a real drag. I love that saturday morning “yes it's not a weekday I can go back to sleep and wake up when I want” feeling, which sadly, only really happens twice a week. It's been a while, and Kate's probably pissed because she didn't have any new stuff to read while at work, so I'll try to remember all the crap I did over the past few days…

Thursday… who knows… I can't remember, so it couldn't have been all that memorable.

Friday my sister came up and dropped off her computer so I could give it an upgrade. I gave her my dad's old hardware, the stuff that I thought I had torched but really didn't. I went out and bought the necessary supplies – case and new CPU fan – and also bought something totally unnecessary and expensive… a new Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro. Yah. That one soundcard, the one with the really long name and the external box thingy that rocks… but yah, probably the most expensive one on the shelf too. Who cares… I'm single and just got a raise at work, so I can splurge a little. Well, I could splurge a little. Now I can't spend any money for a long time, or at least until my midnight shifts are over – more on that later. After I got my sister's hardware upgraded, I went out with Joe and some of the other Liquid Web guys to some bars in Lansing, and had a great time. We hit up Stober's first off and killed off quote a few pitchers there. The wait staff was few and far between there, so we ditched over to Moriarty's, which had much prompter service. It also had a band playing, which is really sweet, especially since the guitarist was really sweet. He played in kind of a non-standard way though… He played lefthanded, but had the strings set up in the righthanded fashion, which definitely blew my mind once Phil told me to watch for it. He was really solid though – lots of chops, and a pedal board I would love to acquire. Apparently Phil knows the guy from his travels throughout the bar scene, so when the band was done playing the guy sat down and had a few beers with us and shot the breeze… very cool.

Saturday is kind of a haze since I was pretty much hung over until around 8pm. I could have taken some tylenol or something, but screw it, I'm tough… or something. I finished up the rest of my sister's computer upgrade and after she took off with her computer I tried to get the new sound card to work in Linux, but was not successful. My attempt at getting the sound card to work was cut off by, well, work. I was still pretty spacey, so multi-tasking was pretty hard. I finished the software setup for two dedicated servers in addition to the normal support stuff, so I was pretty busy. I probably would have much more able to get things done had I not been hung over, but cest la vie.

Sunday morning I tried for a while to get the sound card working in linux, but I had about as much success in round two as I did with round one. Seems like neither the OSS or ALSA folks have made 2.4 kernel series drivers for it, and I didn't feel like trying to upgrade to 2.6 just for sound, so I threw it in the windows box and moved that out of the closet and back to the desk. So now I have the sound card working in all of it's glory, but I still only have a 2.1 speaker system, when the card can natively support up to 6.1 at least, maybe 7.1. Crazy. I went to my parents place for most the afternoon to help my sister get used to her new setup and to help my dad with some networking troubles he was having with his new cable modem router. I got both of them working, and spent most of the remaining time on a recliner watching the History Channel, which I don't get here at the apartment. Stupid facist Comcast, makin prices all expensive and shit… Aargh.

Today was a monday, but not a bad one. Work wasn't too bad… could have been a lot busier. Like I mentioned before, I'm working the midnight shift next week, and I'm probably going to try something out that I had suggested in one of the meetings – work two midnight weeks in a row instead of the single one. I thought it would be a decent thing to try because it seems like every time I've worked that shift, I get accustomed to the nights on about friday night, which leaves like, one day of the shift before having to get used to days again. I figure working two night weeks in a row might make the pain of adjustment and readjustment a bit lighter. It will also make for two huge paychecks, but it will also mean working 14 days in a row. I'll be ready for a nice break after that. I should be able to use that time to work on my monitoring system for the servers at work, a project I've been meaning to get working on, but haven't started yet. Two weeks of night shift will probably make a good opportunity to get that in progress.

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