I fell on warm days

Hmmm… updates are coming in few and farther between these days… perhaps that's because there really isn't too much going on these days that merits talking about. The past few days at work have been much calmer than the past few weeks have been in general, which is kind of strange since billing ran on Sunday. Normally the first few days at the beginning of a billing cycle are pretty hectic with customers calling in about the various billing issues. I won't complain. It also seems like a lot of the customers we've been signing up have got the initial support issues like email setup out of the way and are going on with their business as usual, which we can definitely appreciate. I found out the other day that I'm not going to have to work midnights next week, which is sweet. The two week idea caught on with some of the other guys as well, and with the way the scheduling worked out, I don't have to work midnights until the end of april! How awesome is that?

Today was quite plesant in my world… work was slow, and we finally had temperatures above freezing!! Yup, today Jack and I renewed the warm-day habit we created last year around this time of throwing snowballs at stuff while the snow is melting and perfect for packing. I've got that “damnit you threw like 30 snowballs after not throwing anything for months” twinge in my shoulder, but I don't care. Even though it'll probably get cold again after a few days, I don't care – I saw grass for the first time in a long time today. Days like this remind me that spring and summer aren't too far off.

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