Another boring weekend

Yah, the title says it all. I didn't do much of anything this weekend. For the most part, I just sat around the apartment doing nothing noteworthy – playing guitar, dinking around on the computer, watching movies, etc. Really exciting stuff. I did help out Steve with some computer crap. I also got my wireless card working with an open source driver instead of using DriverLoader. Now I can run Kismet and see the status of my wireless card and stuff… stuff that wasn't possible using DriverLoader. Hats off to the guys at!

I know it's an old and well-worn tale, but I need a girlfriend. I'm entirely too lonely. It sucks a lot when 99% of the people you know have significant others while you sit alone lonely watching TV, just waiting for something to happen on an internet matchmaking service. Quite sad really. Such are the doldrums that are my life.

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