Yah, I had a case of the Mundays today… and so did Steven. That's because we were the only ones manning the support lines in Liquid Web's hardened underground bunker today. A scheduling quirk was responsible, so it's nobody's fault, but it still sucked. Mondays are our busiest day on average, so only having two people really was not fun. I did get the chance to learn some crap about osCommerce today, which is cool.

I finally did something productive towards getting the Carvin back in better playing shape. Phil was gracious enough to let me use a pickup, since the middle and neck pickups on my Carvin were shorted out and pretty much useless. He gave me a Fender-Lace sensor, and I stuck it in the neck position. It was pretty late when I got it installed, and I had already got one request from the neighbors below to try to be quiet, since they were studying or something. Therefore, I wasn't about to be all loud, so I'll have to try it out tomorrow. Funny story associated with that though… After I finished installing the new pickup, I realized I only had 5 strings because I had cannibalized the high E from the last pack because I broke the previous high E long before it would have been worth replacing the whole set of strings. That left me with a bastard set of strings, so I went over to Marshall Music and got some new strings. What I failed to notice when I was buying them, and even later when I was putting them on the guitar, was that I bought a package of strings for a 7-string guitar and not a 6-string… I had the low strings (B, E, A) all on the guitar when I noticed I had 4 srings left. I felt pretty stupid, but I thought it would be pretty cool to try playing with a 7-string flavor, even though it would only be a 6-string plus the low B and minus the high E. It sounds pretty cool, and with the extra high E laying around, my bastard pack of strings is again complete! I'll just say that I meant to do that. I'll post some pictures of the pickup layout soon, somewhere. Maybe on the as-of-yet unedited guitar page, or in the photo gallery somewhere.

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