You know that new sound you’re looking for?

I got bored today after my nap (that will most assuredly cause me to not fall asleep until waaaay to late tonight), and decided to record some audio clips of the new guitar setup – with the new pickup and the different string configuration. I made two recordings – the first one is clean, testing out the different pickup layouts. The first is just the TBH60 humbucker in the bridge position, second is the new Fender-Lace Sensor in the neck position, and the last is the combination of both. They're seperated by big open power chords, so if you didn't hear the differences in tone, listen for inactivity… 🙂 The second clip is me jamming with distortion, and having fun with the huge sound that the low B provides. You'll probably notice a common theme throughout both clips… I am pretty damn repetitive, even when I'm just goofing around, playing the same forms over and over again… well, that's because I'm not very original. Second, you'll probably hear pretty easily when my 'train of thought' changes and I stop and start playing something totally different. Oh well… There's probably nobody who will listen to this anyway, except Phil… he wants to hear how his pickup sounds in my guitar.

Clip one: clean

Clip two: distortion

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