We want the funk, gotta have that funk….

Hmmm… Last few days at work have been pretty calm, which is pretty cool. Everybody’s been in and doing their thing, so the workload has been light. Works for me. Chris was doing some upgrades on MRTG on one of our monitoring servers, and broke one of the setups that I had made to log activity on the servers. It wasn’t really a big deal since I made something new and better to replace it. Well, I am in the process of making something to replace it. The prototype works pretty well, but is kind of inflexible in its current state. I’ve been meaning to finish making it, but I kinda lost motivation. Well, when Chris broke MRTG, I had some motivation to start development again, so I’ll probably doing that over the coming weeks.

Speaking of development… I really have to ask what combination of drugs the Microsoft developers were on when they wrote the code that displayed the message below. I saw this when I was trying to listen to some guitar clips I recorded in windows media player… Strange shit. I guess shouldn’t have cut the blue wire when trying to disarm that bomb the other day…

stupid error message

I’ve got some more guitar clips up for the three people who would actually care… They’re kindy funky in nature, and sound pretty cool with the guitar upgrades. The combination of the low B string and the new pickup configuration makes for a really cool sound, almost like a bass, and when I pick the strings hard, it yields a sound similar to a slap/pop sound on a bass. Sounds really cool.

Clip 1: Funky 1

Clip 2: Funky 2

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