Work Wars, Episode 5: The Schedule Strikes Back

So here it is, about 10 minutes to midnight, and I'm laying on the floor of my bedroom typing on my laptop… Due to a nice 2.5 hour nap earlier this evening, there's no way I'll be in bed anytime soon. Oh well, I needed the nap.

Work sucked yesterday, and it sucked even more today. The scheduling hiccup that reared its ugly head last week returned again this week and made both yesterday and today really sucky – only two people doing the work that four people should be doing. Sucky. A lot of the calls were really easy, but dropping everything every two minutes to answer a phone call is a real pain in the ass. When I'm working on something, I like to focus all of my attention on it and knock it out, so having distractions all the time is highly frustrating for me. I can't count the number of times the phone rang while I was doing something and I just yelled at it in the futile attempt to make it stop. Well, it didn't. It eventually calmed down enough for Joe and I to get something done, but I still left almost two hours later than I normally would. We had to wait for Josh and the other Joe to arrive before the phone load was light enough to get some stuff done.

For those of you interested in guitar stuff… My buddy Phil from work has started playing with Garageband, and has started doing some recording stuff. His first clip is up, and sounds -really- good. You can definitely tell that Phil has been playing for a lot longer than I have! Keep up the good work man! Check out his Garageband writeup and the first sound clip here.

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