Ouch, my head hurts

Yah, that seems to be a common theme for the past few weekends… I've actually been going out on the weekends lately, and it seems like I get hung over every time now, even if I don't have a lot of beer. I always seem to drink labatts, so I'm wondering if my body just doesn't like labatts anymore. That would really suck, because I like labatts, and everyone seems to have it. It might also be the cigarette smoke that is always present in the bar environment, because the post-bar headaches I get always seem to be limited to my sinuses. Whatever causes it, it's no fun.

The work week was pretty uneventful I suppose… Phil was back on days this week, which helped out the light-staffing problem, and also helped lighten the mood a bit. He's pretty good at making people laugh, which is cool. I guess the mood around Liquid Web is never really that heavy, so lightening it is pretty much like adding good things to good things…

Friday night was pretty fun… My buddy Matt came up and, along with Joe, we met up with Phil at Moriarty's in Lansing and had a few drinks and shot the shit. Both times I've been there, there's been a band playing, which is cool. Not some crappy band, but real players who can jam with the best of 'em. Cool shit.

I had the aforementioned hangover yesterday, so after Matt left, I slept a lot. It was good. I went down to Jon's place for the evening… his birthday was on Friday, so he had a little shindig in celebration. It was mostly people he knew from work, but Darin and Lisa were there as well. There was much food to be eaten, and games to be played. We played a few games of beirut and pool, and in the process Michelle got totally trashed. It was pretty funny. I don't think I've ever seen her that wasted. She is definitely a hoot when she gets intoxicated!

I don't really have any plans for today… I might go pick up some groceries if I'm so inclined, but then again I may not. Laying around and being a bum has a real nice ring to it.

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