Ups and downs…

Yah, it's been a while. I don't really remember what was going on monday through wednesday, so it really must not have been that cool. It was MSU's spring break this week, so JDoss and MTerry were working every day, which helped to make things pretty slow and relaxed. Nothing memorable.

It was great that they were there thursday and friday though… sheesh. Both days there were significant security holes found in a sofware package that we use, holes so big that someone could have easily gained control of a server using that software just by entering a specially crafted URL into their browser that pointed to the server. Verrrrry lame. Thursday's bug was pretty easily fixed by deactivating a feature in the software, but Friday's wasn't as easy to lock down. It was a hole in the basic login functionality that lets people into the control panel for their account, so it couldn't just be deactivated. We had to completely block access to it at the router level, which blocked people from a lot of stuff. A lot of people called up angry, but were cool once we told them what was up. The biggest pisser is that we had to scramble bigtime two days straight because of some errors that should never made it off the computer the software was programmed on. Total bonehead programming fuckups, with a complete lack of testing. We're just lucky we had the whole crew in, or things may have got a lot more dicey.

Friday evening was much cooler though. Some of the guys at work put together a full-fledged bar crawl, complete with custom T-shirts and a limo. We started our festivities at the Peanut Barrel for food and drink, and then made our way downtown to Rum Runners. Rum Runners wasn't the kind of place we were looking for, so we made our way to Moriarty's after a few drinks, much to my happiness. They had a band playing, per usual, and they sounded sweet, as per usual. They had a real solid funk groove goin on, and the bass player had a phat 6-string bass, and it sounded sweet. Jeremy and I were very much diggin on that. We didn't stay around there too long, because it was a crawl, and well, crawls keep moving. So we headed back towards East Lansing and to Ricks, which ended up being our final drinking destination. Matthew was in rare form as the beer provider, and everybody got hella smashed. There were some tales of praying to the stainless steel (no porcelain in Ricks' bathrooms), and Josh has a very interesting story to tell, but I'll leave that up to him if he wants to tell it. We eventually got kicked out because (apparently?) Jeremy was belligerent and too drunk to stay in the bar because he asked for a cup of water… riiight. Zac was ready to brawl, but we left and ate some pizza at Georgios instead. Once we were done there, the limo took us all back to our places, and I would imagine that everyone passed out pretty quickly.

Saturday was kinda slow… I woke up much earlier than I would have liked, probably around 9:00-9:30 or so. I went to work for a couple hours to fill in a gap in the schedule, and worked a bit on my monitoring stuff. It's coming together, but the thing is, I'm going to get to a working state where it's useful at work, and then rewrite it to make it better. The way the data is stored currently sucks pretty bad, and I want to make it so it's as versatile as possible, and the only way to do it is with a rewrite. Josh and I are most likely going to tag-team on the rewrite, so look out world, it'll be sweet.

Today I lounged about the place for the most part, but I did do some constructive stuff like grocery shopping, which I hadn't done in like, 3 weeks. I had no food… 🙂 I also got bored with the arrangement of my room, so I moved things around a bit. This arrangement should also help with the annoying sliver of light that makes it in behind the blinds and wakes me up in the morning with its brightness.

Pictures of the bar crawl and the new room arrangement will be posted in the gallery, along with some more random pictures.

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