Indianapolis, Part 3: Scenes from a Blurry Drunken Memory

This past weekend marked my third jaunt down to Indianapolis to visit Andre, and it was also the third such trip where I was totally plastered for a good portion of the weekend… πŸ™‚ I went down with Darin and Lisa… Jon was supposed to go, but his grandfather died and he was obligated to go to the funeral in Iowa. That's the second time in a row his plans to go to Indy have been foiled by uncontrollable circumstances… the first was Michelle telling him that he couldn't go… πŸ™‚

Friday evening was dubbed the bar night, and bar night it became. Andre started off the night claiming that he would be the DD, but that didn't last very long. Lisa wasn't feeling so good, so she volunteered to drive, and Andre went with it. Heck, we all went with it. We hit a few local bars and the local BW3s, and closed out the evening with some obligatory eats from the omnipresent Jimmy Johns. It was wonderful.

Saturday morning started out much worse than friday night left off… after I woke up and took a shower, I went to gather my carry-everywhere things to put them in my pockets, such is my morning ritual, but I couldn't find my wallet. I looked all over the room, pulled everything out of my suitcase and laptop bag, but couldn't find anything. We looked all around the house and in Andre's car, but couldn't find anything. I looked around for a good two hours, and found nothing. We called all the places that we went to see if they had any wallets turned in, but nothing turned up. We called the police for that area to see if they had anything turned in. Nothing. We even went back to the bars to retrace our steps on the shred of a chance that it might be laying around somewhere. Well, it wasn't. We got back, and out of sheer desperation I started rifling through my stuff again, when I finally stumbled accross my clever drunken hiding spot. I had apparently thought it was a brilliant idea to jam my wallet into the handle of my suitcase in my drunken stupor. I felt pretty stupid, but incredibly relieved. I was about a half hour away from calling in to cancel my credit and debit cards. That would have been a large pain in my ass.

Other than the wallet fiasco, saturday was sweet. Andre gave us a little tour of Klipsch and some of their audio development facilities. Very cool stuff. I couldn't get over the fact that there were speakers literally everywhere. Some guys had like 30 speakers just laying on their desks in their cubicles. Definitely a paradise for an audiophile. Andre showed us some of the listening rooms, which were basically larger rooms with a couch in the middle and speakers all over the place. Some were treated with foam on the walls to cut down on the reverberations, and some weren't. We also got to experience a full sized anechoic chamber, which was very cool. It's very strange to talk and hear nothing of your own voice except the stuff that makes it to your ears by going through your head. All in all, that tour was very cool. I got a couple pictures of the experience, but not too many because I didn't want to get Andre in trouble or anything.

The rest of saturday was spent drinking and BBQ'ing… it was rainy earlier in the day, but later on in the afternoon the skies lightened and it became pretty warm, about 60, but with a bit of a breeze. Perfect weather for the cookout Andre was hoping wouldn't get rained out. There was a modest number of people that showed up, and we enjoyed the essential warm weather B's – Beer, Brats, Burgers, and Beans. And other stuff. Andre had whipped up some industrial sized vats of macaroni salad and potato salad, and we gorged on that pretty heavily. Many games of pool and darts were played while I wrestled with the music setup. We had my laptop playing music over Andre's wireless network from his computer through his amp in his pool table room, but the connection kept flaking out and made the music skip. Stupid technology. Oh well I guess. After most of the guests had departed, one of the guys from a hockey team Andre plays on showed up, and we ended up talking music and guitar for like 2 hours. It was pretty cool.

Sunday was prety much recovery day. Darin, Lisa, and I helped Andre clean up his place, and then we packed up and left. The trip home was uneventful. All in all, it was a sweet weekend.

Photos will be up in the gallery sooner or later.

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