Take two…

Ok, I'm going to try to get this post written again. I'm in linux, and Galeon is much cooler than IE, so hopefully all will go well.

Last weekend was pretty good for the most part. I worked saturday morning to help fill in for Mike being on vacation. He was on vacation, so there was a nice hole there. I got 8 hours of OT, so it didn't bother me to fill in. I stayed pretty busy, which is good. Being bored and by yourself is a drag. Servers are cool, but they aren't really good for company. After work, I went over to my parents place to visit. It's kind of funny… the past few times I've gone there, I spend most of the time there just watching TV. Perhaps it's because my dad has a satellite dish and he actually gets good channels, or perhaps it's because there isn't as much to keep me busy there. It's always good to visit though. I know everybody is happy to see each other, so it's cool. Plus I always get a home-cooked meal. I never bother cooking here, so it's always a treat.

Monday and tuesday were pretty busy at work, much to the shagrin of Steven, Phil and myself. Everyone at work knows about us being short on mondays and tuesdays, so hopefully the situation will improve. Being shorthanded on the two busiest days fo the week is definitely not acceptable.

Wednesday wasn't so bad at work, and the evening was even cooler. We just hired a new guy at work, and some people at his previous employer were giving him a sendoff at Crunchy's. Well, Steven and Phil are also refugees from said company and both worked with the new guy, so they invited themselves to the gathering. They thought it would also be cool if a bunch of the Liquid Web guys showed up too, and well, we did. We had most of the crew there, and it was pretty insane. Matthew was in rare form, and really wasn't letting anybody go without a beer in front of them. Each of us had 3 big Doppelbachs (by Bells I think), and rumor has it that the beer was around 10% alcohol by volume. Judging by how drunk everybody got, I really wouldn't doubt it. Nobody was really planning on getting that hammered, but sometimes the best of intentions lead to nothing.

The previous nights drinking took a pretty big toll on Joe and I thursday morning. I was a wreck, and actually had to lay down for a little while because I was feeling so crappy. Joe wasn't as bad off, but he still wasn't feeling that great. I think it was around 1 or 2 pm before I felt decent.

Friday was pretty slow at work, and pretty uneventful in general. Didn't really do anything.

Yesterday I hung out with Steve most of the day. He had brought up a hard drive to get some files I had backed up for him when the previous hard drive he had went south. His girlfriend was at work all day, so he just chilled over here. Pretty tame. I was pretty pissed though… around noon it was really warm and beautiful outside, but around 8pm, there was a friggin layer of snow on the gournd, and it was cold outside. I would have slapped the person responsible if such a person existed, but instead I'll just curse mother nature… Damn you mother nature! Let it be warm!

Today, Joe and I spent a ton of money at the grocery store. Over $200 in total. Crazy. Other than that, I was pretty unproductive other than making some updates to the website. I should have done my laundry today, and probably could have cleaned up a bit around the apartment, but hey, no biggie. Daylight savings also hit last night, so set your clocks!

Yah, so this post wasn't as long as the original, but Take two has been written. Enjoy!

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