Apparently I’m Metallica

Yah, I was going to post this on the last post, but I forgot last night. There's been a ton of people performing searches for Metallica videos over the past week or so, and a lot of them have been coming across the video on my guitar section of me playing 'One'. People from all over the place have hit the video like, 100 times in the past week, which is crazy. There's an image on the altavista site (where most people are searching and finding my site) that shows me with my guitar, plain as day (it's posted to the right). I can't imagine that I look like James Hetfield, and I surely don't look like Kirk Hammett there, so I don't know why all these people could get us confused. I'm rather amused by it. Perhaps they are just curious about my playing or something, but I would imagine that they'd be kinda disappointed. One cool thing though – my site has used up more bandwidth so far this month than in January and February combined. Go site popularity! Right…

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