It Slices! It Dices!

It'll make hamburger out of your foot! No, it's not some knife or something you'd see on a late night infomercial – it was Joe's shower door. After I got out of my shower this morning, Joe's girlfriend called into my room asking if I had a tweezers, and I was like “No, but I've got a needle nose pliers…” And Joe was like “yah that might do it”. I was dropping some serious WTFs by this time, so I put some clothes on real quick to see what the deal was. Joe and Shauna were in Joe's room, and Joe was kinda hunched over, looking at his foot. I didn't see it at first because Shauna was looking at it too, but once I got around her, I noticed the bloody towel and the puncture wound in his toe. It caught me pretty off guard, since I was still mostly asleep. Apparently when Joe was getting into the shower, the large heavy glass shower door fell in while he was trying to close it, and shattered all over the inside of the bathtub in his bathroom, puncturing his toe in the process. It left a pretty hefty mess, and left him with a piece of glass lodged in his toe. Once we got everything straight, Shauna took Joe up to the hospital to get his toe fixed. They gave him a tetanus shot and numbed his toe all up to remove the glass, which had apparently lodged itself into one of the tendons in his big toe. He's doing all right, but he's gotta wear this funky shoe thing and keep his big toe taped together with the toe next to it to make sure that the tendon can heal. How lame is that??

What I'm wondering is why the hell there is a big fucking piece of GLASS in an apparatus like that these days anyway? That's what SAFETY GLASS and/or PLASTIC is for. Safety glass is designed to not shatter like normal glass, and if it does fragment, it doesn't leave nearly as many jagged edges. And Plastic, well, it hardly breaks at all. Had Joe been in a different position or had the glass fallen differently, it could have severed toes, or in Joe's worst nightmares, body parts more critical to the male physique. The aparment company is just lucky that Joe didn't get hurt worse.

Probably the only funny part about the incident was when Shauna called to report the accident, and talked to a lady from the apartent company…

Lady: “His last name is 'Glass'?”
Shauna: “Yes, Glass, as in, there's glass in my boyfriend's foot and I have to take him to the doctor”

I've got a couple pictures up in the random photo gallery, including the one on the right. Yes, that is blood, and a whole lot of glass. Joe also has a couple pictures up here.

Other than that, today was ok. I didn't get dick for sleep last night, thanks to a nap yesterday and a really weird dream, where, if I remember right, a ghost-like instant messenger window with an unknown writing in it was chasing me around this water filled room. It never hurt me, but I could never escape. Joe thinks it's a sign that I spend too much time in front of a computer, and I'm going to have to agree with him there. Perhaps ghostly instant messenger windows will be the motivation for me to get off my ass and get in shape. Or maybe I'll just live up to my online namesake and find a proton pack and waste its ass.

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