Easter Weekend Food-fest

Hmmm… again it's been a decent amount of time since I've posted, and I've got to play catch up. Eh, such is life. I wouldn't be able to come close to providing interesting content on a daily basis, so oh well I guess. Here goes.

Friday was pretty slow at work if I remember right, which is fairly typical. Friday always seems to be the slowest day, and also the day where we have the most people. Seems like a waste to have everyone in on fridays when mondays and tuesdays are always the busiest day. That's the way the schedule schedules I guess. Friday evening was pretty eventful though. Joe and I (mostly Joe) threw a surprise birthday party for Shauna, and it went over quite well. She was totally surprised. Most of the people there were folks from the Listening Ear that I didn't know, but a few people from work showed up and gave me my requisite safety blanket. Phil and I grooved on the guitar in my bedroom for a bit, which was very cool. Phil's definitely got the cool-hand laid back guitar style going on, and it sounds way cool. He didn't seem too keen on trying out my baritone Carvin setup, but oh well. It is kinda out there. Anyways, as far as I know, everyone present had a good time. Joe and I also had a laugh – we set up a webcam on the computer in the living room, and had it taking snapshots every 10 seconds for the duration of the evening. Nothing too outrageous happened, but it was still pretty neat to have pictures of the whole evening.

Saturday was pretty uneventful for the first half, but later on in the day I went down to Royal Oak to hang out with Steve and Jim, and their significant others, Lynn and Jenny. Steve was in town from New York for Easter, so we all got together to visit. We went to the Mongolian BBQ there, and I turned in quite the poor performance. I only took down about 1.25 plates of food. I guess I didn't really starve myself beforehand like I should have for maximum consumption. Oh well. We caught up and talked about computer-dork stuff like the good old days, so it was quite cool. I also had the GPS and Kismet running on the laptop while I was travelling, further perpetuating my computer-geekdom.

Sunday was consumed by the yearly Easter gathering, which was also quite cool. My family went to a Easter brunch buffet with both of my Grandmothers, my uncle Rick, and cousin Carl. The food was pretty good, and we ended up gorging ourselves on the yummy buffet food. After the buffet, we went back to the respective grandma's places and relaxed a bit. A nice relaxing day all in all.

Yesterday and today were busy at work in spurts, but not consistent enough to really be annoying. I guess it was busy when I was trying to eat my lucnh, which happens to be rather lame. Today I sat down to do my Lansing taxes, but realized I didn't really have all the info I need to do them, so I'm putting them off. Good thing they're not due until the 30th. I also put together an outline for the updated monitoring project I'm working on at work and what I want it to be able to do, and then sent it off to the rest of the guys at work for additonal ideas, comments, or suggestions. Josh and I are going to make this system awesome, just you wait…

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