GHL #1: Strange weather in Grace

Here it is monday night and I'm writing on the laptop from the Cottage up north. I got up here Saturday after a pretty fast trip, only about 3 hours 45 minutes. Much faster than any other up north trip I've ever had. I guess that's an advantage of driving from Lansing. And to think, if I hadn't stopped for gas and foodstuffs in Onaway, I would have been here a good 15 or 20 minutes faster. Crazy. I was the last one to get here. Rick, Carl, my Dad, and Ethan all got here friday night.

Saturday was a beautiful day – maybe one of the nicest April days I've ever seen up here, almost certainly the warmest. It was in the mid to high 60's for the whole day, and I was perfectly comfortable taking a walk on the beach in shorts and a t-shirt. Crazy stuff. I broke out the digital camera on my beach walk, and snapped a bunch of pictures. Digital cameras are good like that – I took probably 40 pictures, and all I needed to worry about was dumping them on to the laptop, and recharging the batteries. I'll have a ton of pictures once the trip is over, and there's probably about zero chance that I'll label them all. I've taken about 200 pictures and movie clips so far, and I haven't even really left the cottage area except for one trip down to the trading post. But… I digress. I was up pretty late Saturday night, probably due to the nap I took after dinner. I can't escape the naps… they always find me. 🙂 Oh well, I'm on vacation!

Yesterday started off pretty cold and chilly. I didn't emerge from my slumber until around 11:30. Carl had cooked up some breakfast burritos, which were pretty tasty. We all kinda lounged around the cottage drinking beer and watching the tube when the wind turned around and started blowing out of the south, bringing a total change in the weather. The weather had been out of the east (off the lake) and it was pretty damn cold – around 40-45 degrees. Well, when the wind shifted, it knocked temperatures up into the mid 60s within an hour or so. It was back to shorts and a tshirt and another walk on the beach. Ethan and I took Rusty for a run past the creek, but we didn't get too far because dinner was on. Rick made up some mighty fine spaghetti, and I enjoyed it immensely. I don't remember what we did after dinner, but the weird weather didn't cease. When I got ready for bed around midnight, I checked the thermometer, and it was 75 degrees outside. A 30+ degree shift in like 6 hours. Crazy.

The warm weather was gone when I woke up this morning, again, pretty late. There was a pretty big storm that blew through apparently, and it knocked out our power for most of the morning and early afternoon. It made things a bit more interesting around here, that's for sure. We had plans to cook up some chicken on Rick's rotisserie attachement for his grill, but we couldn't do that without power, or someone standing next to the grill for 3 hours. But, much to everyone's delight, I had brought along my power inverter so I could be lame and go Kismet/GPS stuff with my laptop while I was driving. The inverter provided plenty of juice for the rotisserie motor, so we were good to go as planned. The power came back on at about 4:00pm, about an hour after we had started the chickens. My dad was watching the chickens and trying to see when they were done, but apparently the thermometer he was using was defective. The chickens cooked for a good 4-5 hours, but the insides never really registered as being 'done' by temperature standards. Well, they were plenty done, a bit too done in fact. This caused a bit of drama when Carl woke up from his nap. Apparently it was his idea that the chickens be brought up, and he was planning on overseeing the preparation. Rick kinda took over for whatever reason, and Carl was pretty bent over it. Well, when the chickens turned out less than perfect, he got all mad, started shouting and swearin up a storm and got everybody else all mad. Totally fucking stupid. Other than the chicken being dry and burnt in places, the meal was great. Carl expressed his distaste by abstaining from dinner, sitting in the living room while we ate, and drinking more and more beer… as if he hadn't had enough. Sigh. Carl lightened the mood a bit by going to bed early, and the rest of us watched a movie in the living room.

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