GHL #2: Fishing in the rain

Gotta love the excitement of laying around the cottage, not really doing anything. Yesterday was super windy and cold, probably in the mid 30s or so. Much colder than the nice weather we had a few days ago. It was pretty miserable, but I did get a few pictures of the lake with some wave action, which was pretty neat. I don't think anything else of interest really happened yesterday. I took a nap on the couch for a while, and then Quigley, Down Under came on the TV and we watched that. I was pretty rested due to waking up quite late and the nap, so I was up pretty late playing games on the laptop.

Carl tried waking me up pretty early today to go fishing, but I wasn't so willing, plus I didn't have any tackle set up, so I just slept in until noon. Excellent all in all. It was a bit warmer today, and some of the others did some cleaning chores. Carl, Ethan, and I went up to the upper weir on Ocqueoc River to do some fishing. It started off somewhat nice, but turned rainy after a half hour or so. We saw some pretty good sized Steelhead spawning a couple hundred feet down from the mouth of the lake, and we concentrated there for a while. Ethan almost had one, but it found its way off the hook. Carl and I didn't get much of shit. I moved farther downstream for a while, below the weir, and still didn't have much luck. I saw a guy pull something out, but it wasn't all that big. It may have been a trout of some sort, but it wasn't all that big. He had another one on, but it wrapped itself around another guy's legs and then got itself loose. Me, I caught nothing but a few sticks and and had much better luck getting my line tangled in itself. I think the line on my reel had a lot of twists in it, and that ruined my day pretty well. We stood in the rain for a good hour and a half, and then we decided to leave. Much to my dismay, Carl had another outburst when Ethan mentined that he hadn't picked up a bit of trash that Carl had left even though he had picked up the hooks and spawn sacks Carl had left. Well, Carl got all mad and was yelling at Ethan. Again, fuckin stupid. Sure, Ethan probably could have picked the stuff quite easily, but at the same time, he didn't make the garbage, and he didn't leave it. Both were right, both were wrong. There was no reason for so much drama. I hate all of the anger and yelling over something so stupid and pointless.

It's pretty sad. Carl used to be one of my favorite people in the world to be around, but now, I can't really stand to be around him all that much. It seems like he's got three states that he's always in: either drunk, high, pissed off, or some combination of the three. There are times and places for getting drunk, but unfortunately, it would seem that for Carl, the time is all the time, and the place is everywhere. I came up here to relax, but I'm almost contemplating going home a day early, just because I'm tired of hearing that beer can open every 20 minutes, soon to be followed by unjustified shouting. Seeing him drink so much makes me not want to drink at all. I think I'm starting to empathize a bit more with my mom's stance on drinking…

I've tried to take some more pictures, but it seems as though I've taken pictures of a lot of the interesting stuff around here. Perhaps I'll wake up early or go to bed reallly late so that I could get a few pictures of the sunrise. That would be pretty cool. Chances of that happening probably aren't very good. 🙂 I had the camera on the fishing trip, but I didn't really want to take it out of the case while it was raining. I'll go fishing again, and hopefully I'll get some good pictures then, perhaps of some fish!

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