GHL #3: Not quite the Allman Brothers…

Last night turned out to be pretty fun indeed. After the fishing trip, we had some tacos a-la Ethan, and they were pretty good. A bit later, Rick started complaining about Ethan and I both bringing all of our guitar crap but not playing anything, so Ethan and I started playing some stuff. I'm not sure what all led up to it, but either Rick or Carl went and got a plastic bucket to pound on in the attempt to keep a beat, and soon that turned into a 5 gallon bucket, a minnow bucket, and couple of kettles. Carl went hog wild on the 'drums' and busted a few of the pieces of wood he was using as drumsticks. It was pretty funny. There will be a couple of pictures in the gallery once I get home to post them. Loading up a single page up here can take minutes, so there's no way I'm going to even try to post a picture.

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