GHL #4: Back to reality

I don't remember the total details of what happened the last few days of the up north trip, but I do remember the highlights. Carl, Ethan, and I did some yard work thursday while my dad and Rick were out looking for mushrooms out in the woods somewhere. We got a good portion of the yard raked and dragged the leaves and pine needles across to the other lot, so they'd be off our main lot, temporarily at least. We had some killer eats that night… Rick had found a whole tenderloin at Krogers or something for really cheap, so we all had bacon-wrapped Fliet Mignon steaks for dinner that night. They were excellent. We watched the Big Lebowski that night too on DVD, which is always good.

Friday started off pretty nice in the food aspect as well. Carl took the leftovers from the steak, and cooked up some potatoes and eggs with it, and we had a great steak and egg breakfast. It was excellent. I spent most of my afternoon working on the monintoring project for work. Yah, I know, all work and no play, right? I was bored. The rest of the crew spent a couple hours shooting skeet out in a field somewhere, and there was rumblings that Rick had the coolest shot ever – hit both clay pigeons in the same shot. I'd have to see it to believe it. Ethan also caught himself a steelhead friday. It was probably 26-28″, and around 8-10 pounds (we forgot to measure it before we started to prepare it for dinner). Rick and Carl couldn't agree on how it should be prepared, so they compromised and fried one half of it in batter, and broiled the other half. Both were excellent. There was a Star Trek marathon on SpikeTV, which provided entertainment for our evening. Once that was over, I started packing up all of my stuff.

Saturday morning claimed me early, around 8:30am. I did the rather sizeable pile of dishes from the previous nights fish feast. Soo many dishes. I swear they used just about every pan in the place to prepare that meal. Once the mountain of dishes was done, I cleaned up, got the remainder of my stuff together, and left. I had a concert to go to last night, so I took off before everyone else. I left around 11:40, and made it home a little after 3, so I made pretty good time yet again. Last night was occupied with the Iced Earth concert, which I'll talk about in a seperate post shortly.

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