Stable Release? Never.

It would be nice, but there are some things a computer should never be able to do…

(18:21:00) Greg: oh gentoo2 install
(18:21:08) Mike: lol
(18:21:16) Mike: home or work?
(18:21:20) Greg: both
(18:21:23) Mike: wow
(18:21:28) Mike: diving in headfirst
(18:21:33) Mike: I commend your courage
(18:21:40) Greg: bsd still on my servers though
(18:21:44) Mike: bah
(18:21:49) Mike: you'll change
(18:22:39) Greg: will see, gentoo better cuddle with me after to change that
(18:22:58) Mike: yah
(18:23:11) Mike: they don't mention that in the install manual
(18:23:36) Mike: you'll just have to “emerge cuddle” for it to cuddle with you
(18:23:41) Mike: then you're all set to go
(18:26:52) Greg: sweet, can I emerge hummer ?
(18:27:02) Mike: I don't know if there's a stable release of that yet
(18:27:24) Greg: come on, will there realistically ever have a stable release of that ?
(18:27:31) Mike: lol
(18:27:32) Mike: good point

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