Mike Neir, recruiter.

This guy is well educated… and would probably have quite a commute, given that he connected from an IP in Canada…

Mike : Hello, what can I help you with?
guy : Hello
guy : My name is Michael also
guy : are you there
Mike : what can I help you with today Michael?
guy : a better price on dedicated server
guy : I am paying $85.00 USD amonth right now
Mike : our least expensive dedicated offering is $250/month
guy : ok
guy : what control panel and OS
Mike : have you considered a virtual dedicated server?
Mike : your choice of OS, and the control panel depends on the OS
Mike : by default we install redhat or fedora linux with CPanel
guy : This is off topic but Are you all hiring
Mike : not at the moment, no
guy : Well I am very well educated in alot of differnet things
Mike : as far as I know we don't have any plans to hire any new employees in the near future
Your party has left this session.

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