Half-way there…

Seven 3rd shifts down, six more to go. So far they haven't been all bad. I'm just sitting here with a headache, thanks to the cough deposited in my lungs by the remnants of last week's cold. What sucks is that I'll have this cough for another 2-3 weeks. Always happens that way. Which means I'll have a headache and a fucked up throat for said 2-3 weeks, because when I cough, I don't just cough, I COUGH. I cough like my lungs are trying to pass a cinder block through my windpipe. All of that strain gives me wicked headaches and makes my throat quite irritated, which in turn makes me cough more, which ….. you get the picture. Blah.

I started some stuff for the monitoring project last night and continued work today after I woke up. Most of it consisted of figuring out how event-based XML parsing in PHP works, and figuring out how to impliment that stuff into what I'm doing. Not too tough really, just a bit confusing at first. I'm just trying to set up some of the classes and functions that the program will use to do its thing. Things are moving, which is cool.

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