English [CENSORED]!?! Do you speak it!?

Yah, someone accused one of my last few posts of not being in english, and in a way they really aren't. I've been working on some technical projects over the past couple weeks, so my brain has been in the computer dork mindset, which leads to all sorts of technobabble. I'll try to translate some of it here… My wireless LAN project was basically a way to encrypt all of the traffic going between computers on the wireless network (my laptop, Joe's laptop, and the communal Windows machine in the living room) and the gateway machine, which is the computer that connects to the internet. The reason that I'm doing that is because the encryption protocol used on my wireless accees point is inherently flawed, leaving it wide open for breakin by a patient person. IPsec (IP security) is a much better alternative, offering a very secure encryption that's not easily broken. The concept of a honeypot is basically something that is left wide open that people will get into and meddle with, for the purpose of learning different methods of attack from the not-so honest people out there. The honeypot is meant to be infiltrated, so anything bad to it isn't really damaging.

The laptop stuff was Matt and I being total dorks, although in this case, Matt was definitely leading the way. Basically his PHP-code based retort translates to the following: open your laptop, and while the laptop is unloved, pour love into it. The humor is really lost in translation though… I seriously laughed out loud when he typed that.

Hmmm… now to current events… I haven't been up to all that much. I'm fairly confident that the pre-mentioned IPsec stuff will be stable and do what I want, which is good. That means it's not just a learning experience… πŸ™‚ I've been spending a lot of time at both work and home working on the latest revision of the server monitoring program that I wrote to keep tabs on things at work. It will probably keep me busy for quite a while, but I've got the data collection framework in place, and it's collecting and storing the data as it should, albeit from one server, and only when I'm testing things. I'd like to get it on other servers soon to make sure it behaves as it should, but I -really- want to get some form of an automatic update system set up first, so that when I do make updates, I won't have to log into a bunch of servers to update things manually. There's also a lot of work to be done… Apart from the data collection I still have to create the alert system that will notify us when things are 'out of whack', the log averaging and trimming system that will give us a cool historical record of server performance, tendencies and general changes, and the whole display and admin interface that you need to use it all… It's quite the undertaking, but I look forward to the challenge. Once Josh gets done with his current projects he may lend some of his rather extensive talents to the project, and Joe Doss really wants to dominate my interface/display pages with his CSS kung-fu. Greg also said he would help, so we'll see where we can fit him in… πŸ˜‰ Ok, enough geek talk.

I went out with JDoss, his girlfriend Abby, and her friend Allison to see Shrek 2 this evening, and it was hilarious. Most of the humor was totally directed at adults, which was cool. The computer animation was really good, although there seemed to be quite a few parts where the spoken words were noticably out of sync with the animation on the screen. I know that it's exceedingly difficult to replicate human expressions, but it did seem like the first Shrek movie, and other CG movies, have been more successful in their timing. Oh well, it was still friggin hilarious. I enjoyed the company too! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the invite Joe!

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