I have been smote by the computer gods…

Today, on the verge of triumph, I was struck down in a most heartbreaking way. Just after I had completed work on a significant part of the data collection framework of the monitoring project I've been working on constantly over the past could weeks, the hard drive of the server it was located on decided to eat itself. No warning, no possiblity of recovery. It's just done. There's a miniscule possibility that it might be an electronic problem instead of a physical one, so I'm going to scrounge around work to see if there's another drive of the same model, and see if I can swap the electronic components of the drive with a working one. It's a long shot, but it might work.

This setback torches a good amount of work, which makes me extremely unhappy, and will most likely lead to excessive alcohol consumption. The one good thing is that I have copies of most of the scripts located on other servers, so I can recreate the data collection code pretty easily, but the database is gone. That means I'll have to recreate 18 tables from either memory or what I see in the SQL statements in the code I do have. The recent upgrades I made to the display portion of the project are totally gone too, which sucks a lot as well.

This mishap and the results highlight an oft-overlooked task in the computing world, aptly known as “BACK YOUR SHIT UP, DUMBASS”. Backing up files and databases to other locations is frickin easy, so don't let this happen to you. You know damn well phase one of my rebuilding effort will be to set up a backup system, and make sure that it works….

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