Back in Business….

Well, I've restored my project at work to most of its pre-disaster state, and as it stands I've only lost a rather small amount of work. Most of the lost stuff resides in one piece of functionality – the graphing code. I had planned on redoing the way the graphing code accepts data, but the display was working pretty nice before the crash. Now I had to revert it to something from about 3-4 months ago, and it's ugly as a dog's ass again. On a related note, backups are installed and working fine on the new server.

This past weekend I was at my parents house. Andre was in town from Indy, and we hung out at his parents place around the campfire and got smashed like the days of yore. It was excellent. I was totally in the mood to be rawkus after the deboccle of the day before… Sunday I lounged about, then headed over to Jon's for some more debauchery (read: Beirut). I spent a decent portion of Monday restoring the limited amount of backups I had for my monitoring stuff and getting things working with the older version so there would at least be somthing in place letting us know what was going on. Gettting that back going wasn't too hard, thankfully.

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