I work too much.

I need to stop doing so much work from home… I spent most of yesterday, a perfectly beautiful saturday afternoon, sitting in my living room working on my project at work. Dedication is cool, but I think I take it too far. It's not just work though… I do this with all the projects I take on. I'll beat it into the ground until it's done, focusing all of my attention on it. Oh well.

I'm going to try to post some pictures that I've taken soon, either today or tomorrow. I've got quite a backlog, and because of all the extraneous work I've been doing I haven't taken the time to post them. There's a great one of Joe that is dying to be posted. The sunglasses were killer.

A bunch of us liquid web guys will be up at the Peanut Barrel today… should be fun. We're throwing a little going away bash for Josh, who will be leaving Liquid Web on tuesday. It kinda sucks… Josh is smart as hell and a cool guy to boot, but I can totally tell LW isn't his kind of job. He's a developer, and having to deal with customers all day just doesn't seem to be his thing. I don't think any of us really 'likes' dealing with the customers, except maybe Phil, but it doesn't really bother most of us. Anyways… It's been fun Josh, good luck with wherever your path takes you!

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