Multimedia in the house!

This is going to be one link filled post. First off are the guitar clips I alluded to in the last posting. I did the clips kinda funky, so follow along. Note that all clips are just me, so it can get kinda boring in the places where there's no guitar. Also, I neglected to change the equalizer settings on the distortion pedal for recording, so the clips are really heavy on the bass and treble. It might be in your best interests to turn down your bass and treble on your player if you choose to listen.

First there's the whole thing (1:23:51, 102MB). This has all the bullshit in between songs, like me doodling, tuning, etc. If you're really really bored, you can listen to this. Next I've divided that huge ass clip into two parts, first clip (26:45, 31MB) is when I'm playing on the Carvin, tuned to C. I played a few Prong songs here, and did some goofing around towards the end. The second clip (57:02, 71MB) is me playing on the Strat, in a normal E tuning. I jammed to some of the old Megadeth and Metallica favorites here.

Those are the big chunks. Now, for those of you with shorter attention spans (read: everybody), here are the individual songs. First off were Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck (4:06, 4.7MB), Test (6:09, 7.2MB), and Whose Fist Is This Anyway (4:42, 5.6MB) by Prong. These are the songs played on the Carvin. Then I switched over to the Strat and played (in no particular order) Orion (8:00, 9.9MB), Ride The Lightning (6:34, 8.6MB), Master of Puppets (8:30, 12MB), One (7:06, 8.6MB), Sanitarium (6:24, 8MB), and Disposable Heroes (8:14, 11MB) by Metallica, and Symphony of Destruction (3:51, 4.7MB) by Megadeth. Yah, I didn't branch out very much here, what else is new.

Next are some more funny Family Guy clips that I've been meaning to post. They're hilarious! But what part of the family guy isn't hilarious? Here are the vids…

Six Million Dollar Man (6.7MB)

Gumbel-2-Gumbel (20MB)

Black to the Future (42MB)

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