A Mixed day for Detroit’s active sports teams

Today I went to a Tiger game with Matt and some of his friends from LTU, Lewis, Crystal, and Rob. The drive down was an adventure. We didn't get lost or anything, but the route we took was less than optimal in terms of efficiency, but it was quite scenic as well. By scenic I mean disamal.. We took Grand River through the heart of Detroit, and it's not a pretty site. Buildings were in shambles, some burnt out, many boarded up, and some looked like they'd been blown up. Definitely not a very pretty area. Kinda sad really. During that section of the voyage we attracted a lot of strange looks, seeing that we were probably the only pale-skinned folks for a good five miles in any direction, and we were riding in Lewis's '73 Dodge Coronet. Lots of strange looks from the folks native to the territory there… The game pretty much sucked… we got there late due to the slow route, and when we got there they were already down a run, and it only got worse. The score ended up being 9-2 at the end… definitely not a good day for the home team. I got some sun, so that's a good thing I suppose. After the game we made the journey out to the Chili's at Milford Road and I-96 for food, and more importantly, water. I must have drank damn near a gallon of water. What can I say, I was thirsty. After that, Matt and I went back to his place and he showed me his home theater setup, which was pretty neat. I'm still not all that impressed with this subwoofer though… the thing is like, 3 feet tall and probably a foot and a half in diameter, and yet I still didn't feel all that much effect… perhaps I was looking for the floor to quake under my feet due to the thing's sheer size, but it didn't, so I was disappointed. Oh well. I drove back to Lansing through a pretty good storm, but I passed out from under it into clear skies around M-59, and I got some neat pictures of rain pouring down and cars kicking up foam while the sun was beating down from the clear skies behind the storm front. Pretty cool.

The good part of the sports day was the Pistons' victory in game 4 of the finals. It wasn't quite as impressive as their win in game 3, but I'll take it. The Lakers looked flat, and except for Shaq, they weren't very consistent. Their frustration seemed pretty evident too… lots of fouls in the second half that probably wouldn't have come about had they not been getting out hustled and out played. I'm hoping that the Pistons will be able to win the championship on Tuesday… that would be killer. On a related side note: Yes, I am a fair weather basketball fan.

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