Sleeping in Rocks

I got a rare chance to sleep in today, and I grabbed that mighty quick. Joe wanted to switch up with me today so he could be free this evening, and I jumped all over that, because, well, sleeping in rocks. Not like I slept the morning away or anything though – I woke up at 8:45, which isn't all that late, but it beats the pants off waking up at 7AM. I wouldn't want to change the shift permanently, because I'd rather have my evenings free than sleep in every day.

I was pretty pissed off yesterday at work… I came into work to see a ticket that Phil had left in the queue about some dude messing up his server. (No, I wasn't pissed at Phil, I was pissed at the dumbass who messed up his server.) I worked on that thing for most of the morning, then when it was fixed, which was a feat in itself, he did nothing but complain about the lack of a system backup. Well, it's a dedicated server buddy, nobody stopped you from performing a backup. We can set up a backup that would have fixed this problem pretty damn quick, but as far as I can tell, we never got that request. Grr.

And on a happier note: Congrats go out to the Pistons! Not too many teams can complete a 5 game sweep, but you did it! (yes, I know they only won four games. The Lakers were totally outplayed in game two, except for OT.) Excellent series.

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