Yes, Iced Earth does indeed rule…

Yup, there's a reason Iced Earth is one of my favorite bands… because they rule. Inspired by Matt's recent purchase of some Iced Earth CDs, I decided to fill out my Iced Earth collection and I picked up Days of Purgatory and Night of the Stormrider. Stormrider is the only studio LP of theirs that I didn't already have. Purgatory is a two disc set of some of their older songs that have been re-recorded and remixed with Matt Barlow on vocals. The sound quality of the older albums (Stormrider included) sucked pretty bad, so the remix and remastering sounds a lot better. In addition, Matt Barlow is like, 6.02E23 times better than the older singers, so hearing some of the older jams with his voice made them sound like, well, 6.02E23 times better.

I really haven't been up to anything noteworthy recently… I've been working on my project at work pretty regularly, and the data collection part is deployed across all of the Liquid Web servers, but I don't want to deploy it any further than that until theres a secure and automated update system in place. Having to log into a ton of servers to upgrade monitoring crap is a pain in the ass. I've already had to do it once this weekend when I broke something, which sucks. It's running pretty well though… The average load on the collection machine is at or below what it was with the old system, even though it's collecting a ton more data. Works for me.

Yesterday I was goofing around with some more guitar stuff on the computer… I had the signal output from my pedalboard plugged into the external drive thingy that's attached to the Audgiy card in my Windows box, and I was playing with some of the internal EAX effects that the Audigy card brings to play. There's a lot of neat stuff in there, and Phil will be happy to hear that I was playing around with the delay effects quite a bit. Kind of a weird thing to get used to playing along with, since there's kind of a implied beat that is generated by the delay effect, and straying from that makes things sound really weird. I wanted to record some of it, but the thing didn't really seem to want to record properly, so I didn't get any of it. Oh well.

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