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Holy Crap! The creator of winamp wants me to check out the attached zip file! It must be something totally sweet for winamp! Wheeee!!! Cool stuff here I come! wrote at 2004-08-29 18:55:17 :

Please see the attached file for details.

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Sigh… stupid viruses…

We’ve reached our cruising altitude of 36,000 feet…

Yah, that's what life seems like right now… just kinda cruising, everything is the same day in and day out. I guess that's what I can look forward to in the adult working world. It'd be nice if there was something new that could occupy some of my time. Oh well.

I was (somewhat painfully) reminded yesterday of how bad I used to be at PHP/MySQL coding. I did some updates to my music stats project that I started like 4 years ago, and holy crap is the code ugly. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, because I didn't know the stuff. That's not to say that I'm “good” now, but I can certainly make things cleaner and more efficient than that. Oh well.

I had another one of those rare guitar moments today, the kind that make me want to keep playing and learning. I had already played my loud stuff right after I got off work, but I was bored, so I went down later on in the evening just to doodle. The distortion was all off and I was just walking little patterns up and down the higher strings, but it sounded really cool. I had the gain on the clean channel turned up more than usual, and that combined with the neck-bridge pickup combination just made the guitar sing. I really need to pick up a power dampener so I can turn up the gain more without making the rig so loud that it makes the furnace resonate. I can't imagine that the neighbors or my roommates like that too much. Oh well.

I uploaded some pictures of the new place today. There are some pictures of the place barely moved in, somewhat moved in, and totally moved in. They're not labelled, so you'll have to imagine where they are. Oh well.

I should have named this post “Oh Well”.

My server just hit 200 days of uptime the other day and that's pretty neat… Oh the joys of having a box in a stable environment with no heat or power problems. It also helps that I have Linux running on there… there's no way a windows server would have lasted even 1/3 as long. Windows blows. Oh well?

More Spam Hilarity

This came into the help desk system this morning, and it totally cracked us up. It probably wouldn't have shown up in a normal mail reader because the HTML attachment contained the actual spam, and this part was just in there to throw off the spam detection software. The sentence structure is “right”, but the words are totally wrong, which is what makes it so funny.

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Home sweet home

It’s been a while since my latest “real” post, which is mostly because I’ve been in the process of moving to the new place and getting settled into it. Well, I’m moved and mostly settled in, and so far it’s pretty sweet. My room is significantly smaller than the room at the other place, but that’s no big deal. I’m good at compacting all of my belongings into a small area, so no worries there. The main portion of the house is pretty much set as well, but Greg and Carl are still moving their stuff into place.

Last weekend I was down in Indianapolis for another one of Andre’s shindigs, and it was a blast. We went out on the town friday night for some debauchery, and then closed the night off with some Jimmy Johns. Jon and I were masters of beirut on saturday, playing 12 games and only losing 2. We were both in rare form, and it was great. We both paid for it the next day though. I felt like ass for most of the day, although not as bad as I felt as a result of the first indy trip, where I could barely sit upright without being nauseous.

I bought Doom 3 yesterday… I don’t want to sound too much like a fanboy here, but the game is fucking sweet. The lighting is simply amazing, the graphics are crisp and lifelike, and overall the game is straight-up scary. I’ve caught myself hopping out of the chair a few times when some piece of evil sneaks up on me and starts attacking. Crazy shit. If you’ve got a decent computer, check this one out.

cool doom3 lighting