Home sweet home

It’s been a while since my latest “real” post, which is mostly because I’ve been in the process of moving to the new place and getting settled into it. Well, I’m moved and mostly settled in, and so far it’s pretty sweet. My room is significantly smaller than the room at the other place, but that’s no big deal. I’m good at compacting all of my belongings into a small area, so no worries there. The main portion of the house is pretty much set as well, but Greg and Carl are still moving their stuff into place.

Last weekend I was down in Indianapolis for another one of Andre’s shindigs, and it was a blast. We went out on the town friday night for some debauchery, and then closed the night off with some Jimmy Johns. Jon and I were masters of beirut on saturday, playing 12 games and only losing 2. We were both in rare form, and it was great. We both paid for it the next day though. I felt like ass for most of the day, although not as bad as I felt as a result of the first indy trip, where I could barely sit upright without being nauseous.

I bought Doom 3 yesterday… I don’t want to sound too much like a fanboy here, but the game is fucking sweet. The lighting is simply amazing, the graphics are crisp and lifelike, and overall the game is straight-up scary. I’ve caught myself hopping out of the chair a few times when some piece of evil sneaks up on me and starts attacking. Crazy shit. If you’ve got a decent computer, check this one out.

cool doom3 lighting

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