And by the power vested in me…

Yah, it's been a while. I haven't had a whole lot to post about lately. It's been crazy busy at work, which makes me a bit less likely to want to do something constructive on the site when I get home. Here's constructive for ya.

Jon and Michelle's wedding was this past weekend, and all went well with that. I was the groomsman batting clean-up, which means I didn't really have to do much except stand there and look stoic, and escort my counterpart out of the church when the time came. The wedding was very cool and laid back… unlike some of the other weddings I've been to. (sorry Catholics!) The reception was cool too… it was in this huge country club reception hall. Michelle, ever the cunning vixen, made me dance, even though combining me with a dance floor normally results in … well, nothing. We don't mix. I'm sure there are pictures abound somewhere, most of which I'll probably want taken down. The reception was a great time, except for the fact that they always seem to make me remember that I'm painfully single… the reminder was only strengthened by the fact that one of the bridesmaids who was sitting at my table happened to be pretty much my 'ideal' vision of beauty in a woman… Normally that would be an excellent thing, except for the fact that her 6'4″ and much-larger-than-me boyfriend was sitting next to her pretty much the whole time. Oh well… such is life.

Something else cool happened this week… I was publicly recognized by one of our customers for being “so nice”. Normally not a very strong compliment, but in this case I'll take it as high praise. I must be doing something right if I was singled out and commended in a public place. Check out bullet #9 here. Read the site too… Dooce rocks.

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