Behold, the cycle repeats…

Yup, my tour of night shifts has begun anew. Two weeks straight of working 12am-8am. Judging by the condition of Joe and Phil after their night shifts, things have become a lot busier during the overnights, but having the new guy, Bryan, working 8pm-4am does help out. Last night was pretty slow… hopefully that trend continues.

I got bored today and decided to take another foray into faux-7-string guitar playing… I had a set of 7-strings laying around after my string purchase blunder of a few months ago, so I strung up the Strat with those. I doubt I'll be able to play them too loud though. I played for a bit today, and just about anything played on the low B made every metallic surface resonate like crazy. The effect was intensified when I switched towards the neck pickups. Unfortunately for me, the neck pickups sound coolest without distortion, and I've become fond of playing the opening part of “A Change of Seasons” by Dream Theater. So it's either quiet, or louder with more noise. Grr. I've been meaning to hook up the recording crap for a while now, so perhaps I'll do that while I'm on nights and everyone else is at work.

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