What's that percentage you ask? Percentage of the world's collective population that want to see George Dubyah thrown into space? Perhaps… Percentage of your recommended daily fat content that eating a Whopper will consume? Nope, nothing that grand. That's how much of two weeks of night shifts that is behind me. Almost 60%. Thank god. They've been rather uneventful, which is a good thing. Saturday morning was a most painful exception to that trend though. A real shit storm that I had to weather pretty much entirely by myself. Not any fun. I came out alive, and I guess I'm stronger right? We'll see.

Being on the night shifts has once again sapped my will to do anything productive during the day. Cooking and cleaning have gone by the wayside, and my supply of provisions has become rather light. I've yet to get more than 6 hours of sleep after any given night of work, which makes me tired and unmotivated for the rest of the day. Most days I'll lay down at 8 or 9pm and nap until 11 or so, and then I'll get ready to leave. I'd much rather be dragging my ass out of bed at 7am than going to bed at 9am. Screw this.

One cool thing is that I hooked up the guitar setup to the computer in the basment and started doing some recording stuff again. I experimented a bit with recording straight out of the effects pedals instead of taking the line-out out of the amp. My reasoning is that it would probably be easier to dial in a good recording level out of the pedals because the volume coming out of them doesn't change, since I don't ever adjust my settings there. I've got my sound dialed in, and it doesn't change. I do, however, change the volume and tone stuff on the amp, which can cause the recording levels on the computer to be either too loud or too soft if I don't make corrections. Well, I wasn't very pleased with the sound straight out of the pedals. In short, it was weak. It was very treble-y, and had no balls. I prefer that my 'sound' be pretty hard-hitting, and it certainly was not that.

I recorded a couple of Metallica songs (yes, again… it's what I know) the other day with the out-of-the-pedals setup, and they turned out all right, minus the weak sound. For those that care, here they are. And Justice for All and Blitzkrieg. I also recorded another clip earlier tonight of random doodling, this time using the line-out on the amp. Sounds a lot stronger. Plus you can hear the sweet sound of the Fender-Lace Sensor that Phil let me have. Thanks Phil! Here's your random doodling.

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